There Is Now Only ONE Blockbuster Left in America

Say it ain't so! After having at least a few stores left in the country, Blockbuster is now down to only ONE store left... yes.... ONE! The chain previously had two other privately owned stores open in Alaska, but as of last week, those two are now goners. The last remaining store in the entire country is now in Bend, Oregon. 

Luckily, they have no intention of closing, and probably because of a major nostalgia factor, the store is still booming! The owner, Sandi Harding, has worked at the store since 2004, and had this to say about the organic nature of still working at a video shop at 2018: "The social interaction you get — face-to-face talking to people, not having your nose in your phones — I think that's what you find coming into a Blockbuster store."

We hope this one stays open FOREVER!