Cardi B cancels tour over this "Mommy thing".

Cardi B says she did not expect this "mommy thing" to be so difficult especially when your about to go the biggest tour of your life.  Cardi B hit the internet to let her fans know that she will be canceing her tour with Bruno Mars because according to her Doctor's say she can not take the baby on the road so she canceled the tour.   No 24K Tour for Cardi.  I noticed something interesting.  We all know Cardi claims "blood" and they do not use the letter C because of the other gang The Crips.  Not sure how that all started but anyway what they do sometimes is replace the C in a word with a B for example Cook might become Book?  Or they may use it in another way like MAYBE when they named their daughter Culture they replaced the C with a K...Kulture.  Just saying.  In Cardi's words....Owwwww.