Guess Who Will Be On POWER Next Week???

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Kendrick Lamar will guest star on 50 Cent's "Power" on Sunday, July 29th!  Details Here!

ESPN is going to air an E:60 episode about the relationship between Jason Kelce and his brother this Sunday at 9am ET on ESPN!  Details Click Here!

Apparently, San Francisco 49ers head coach, Kyle Shanahan is a HUGE Lil Wayne fan! So much so that he named his son Carter!  Lil Wayne heard about it and sent him a HUGE gift! Details HERE!

A Philly man is accused of stealing 1,743 gallons of gas in Delaware! Details here!

Finally, do you have a wedding song you absolutely hate? Well, a survey came out with the most banned wedding songs.  #1 on the list (no surprise) is the Chicken Dance!  Click on the full list HERE!    

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