Jazzy Jeff rocks Tomorrowland Fest in Belgium.

Jazzy Jeff performed at the Tomorrowland Music Fest in Belgium and you might be surprised at his selection of music.  Sure he rocks his trademark Run DMC "Peter Piper" mix but he also gets into some different music like some Reggae and some more Island type sounding music and remixes.  He also rocks some classic party records like Fatman Scoop's remix of Faith Evans "Love Like This".  He even drops one of the "5 Stones" of Hip Hop beats "The 45 King" beat.  He managed to slip in the them song to "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".  I bet he was a little nervous at first.  I don't know one DJ that wouldn't have just a little bit of the jitters when you're about to perform in front of literally thousands of people and let's not forget we are talking Tomorrowland.