Man Gets Hit By Car Doing The Drake 'In My Feelings' Challenge

It seems like everyone is doing the Drake “In My Feelings” challenge these days, but now you may want to rethink it… because you could get seriously hurt! A Florida man was trying to do the challenge and things went very wrong when he was hit by a car doing it! 22-year old Jaylen Norwood was dancing in the street trying to do the challenge when he ended up slipping on an oil slick and was hit by an incoming car! He suffered minor injuries and posted the entire thing to Instagram (because of course that’s the “millennial” thing to do, really?) Safety officials have actually directly come out and slammed the challenge saying it’s a very dangerous stunt. Apparently several people have been hurt falling out of moving cars while trying to record the challenge. Bottom line — if you are going to this challenge, make sure you are being safe doing it!