Philly Social Media Addicts being helped by Facebook and IG.

Social Media Addicts getting help from the oddest place.  Seems that Facebook and Instagram have decided to help people who are addicted to social media.  They are adding feature that help you limit your time on Social Media and even can sign you out automatically.   It has definitely become a problem for may people especially teens.  You know the people who need to take their phones wherever they go, school, dinner even in the pool with them.  Well Instagram and FB must have a guilty conscience  because  they decided to help you "get off social media" and hopefully "kick the social media habit".  More details by hitting the link above and if you're one of those people good luck!  The video below is very insightful about our dependency on social media and how it can effect our brains, morals and values .  Simon Sinek is in my opinion spot on with his description of how people respond to social media and how it effects their lives in a negative way.  This video is an eye opener for sure!