Kim K says Kanye West is close to being a billionaire.

There are two things I noticed about this video of Kim Kardashian on Kimmel Live!  First Kim seems like a really nice person.  I say that as a person who never really watched her reality show.  I know Kim from what I have read in the mags or heard about on the news or entertainment TV news reports I never really listened to her interviews before or did she even give many interviews?  I have seen the show here and there but not enough to be considered a true fan but I have kept up with some of her business ventures and her connection to the music through her husband.  The second she really is business smart.  Jimmy asked her about her dropping a new makeup line like her sister and if she wants to destroy her kidding of course but she just chuckled and said "NO she's teaching me a lot, we teach each other".  Kim is reported to be worth $350 million dollars thanks to her makeup company KKW Beauty.  Kanye's company is said to be worth 1.5 billion so if he sells the company it would get him much closer to that Billy!  HIt this kink to find how and how much he's worth! It's staggerring!   

I think I'm a good judge of character and she seems genuinely a nice person.  Maybe I should be watching her TV show more.  Hit this kink to go to Kim's official website. Tell her Johnny V sent you!