Philly Mayor Jim Kenney Reads "Mean Tweets" For His 60th Birthday

Mayor Kenney is pulling a Jimmy Kimmel for his birthday and reading some “mean tweets” that people have sent him on Twitter. He turned 60 on Tuesday, so he wanted to share the “well wishes” (LOL) that he’s gotten. 

A few of the funny ones included:

“shut up, taxi McTaxey”
“Oh Yeah, @PhillyMayor is still trash”
“@PhillyMayor Red nosed 2 streeter”
“I wish the absolute worst for @PhillyMayor in every aspect of his life. ROT IN HELL.”

This isn't the first time that the Mayor has done mean tweets -- he did some for New Years Eve this past year, and he also did some for his 58th birthday two years ago. Check out the video below!

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