Drake is most streamed artist in history.

Drake is the most streamed artist in history.  According to reports he his music has been streamed over 50 billion times.....that's not a mis-type.  Billion.  Drake continues to dominate the musical landscape with his current installment of "in your feelings music" that has made him almost a household name.  In fact "In My Feelings" spends it's 4th straight week at number one.  Let's be honest after that Pusha T and Drake beef I thought boy was done.  You see in Hip Hop something like that in the past has ruined careers just ask Ja Rule and 5O cent about their beef.  In that situation between 50 and Ja it definitely hurt Ja.  Artists weren't use to beef like that.  Sure you had the classic rap beefs like LL Cool J vs Kool Moe Dee or for you real Hip Hop historians the Juice Crew vs. Boogie Down Productions.  Rap beef has been around since the beginning but in today's world with the internet and the age of information and all the personal information he used Pusha T went at Drake with the intent to put him out of the game.  For some reason he really wanted to hurt Drake. Some say the beef cost Drake a lucrative deal with ADIDAS.  My point to all this is even with Pusha T exposing his personal life, having ghostwriters and riffs with other artists like Jay Z has not stopped this man from accumulating a massive fan base.  Rap beef could have lost it's luster.  Fans do not seem to care about Drake's personal life in fact some would even say that Pusha T's dis record helped Drake.  I know some women who felt sorry for Drake and how Pusha T "did him dirty".  If his numbers say one thins it's that his fan base has grown and his music is everywhere and I haven't heard a thing from Pusha T.  Just saying.