Nicki Minaj drops "Queen" today.

Nicki Minaj finishes album three hours before the announcement.  She announced the new album "Queen" will drop on August 10 at noon.  Yes that was today.  According to Billboard Nicki will drop album today at noon.  The album did drop and you can purchase the album by clicking on this link.  The album has 19 tracks and as far as features it's almost a who's who of Hip Hop and R&B.  Eminem, Lil Wayne, The Weekend, Ariana Grande, Swae Lee of Rae Sremurd, Future and to mostly everyone's surprise Foxy Brown!  Another interesting thing I noticed.  If you purchase the download/mp3 it's $12.49 if you purchase the actual audio CD it's actually cheaper at $11.88.  I'd rather buy the audio CD and get the album cover, artwork and CD sleeve.  I have to mention it.  Foxy Brown!  I wanted to hear a sample of that song so I figured I will see where to purchase.  Amazon only had 3 of the tracks available?  Nicki pushed album back to get sample clearances and some even thought it was an attempt at competing with her friend Ariana Grande.  Nicki denied those claims immediately and surprised everyone by releasing the album today at noon which brings me back to buying the album.  So after seeing that Amazon only had 3 tracks available I went to another site.  Good'ol Walmart.  Thye had the album but audio CD at $11.88 but add shipping and your at about $22/23.  It will also take a few days to get to you.  So does that make the actual release date when you get it?  Asking for a friend.