Ocean City Councilman Addresses Topic Of Banning Thongs At Beaches

This is likely something that won’t ever pass (we’d be surprised) but you never know — is there a ban on thongs coming to the Jersey Shore soon? Probably not, but the concern is still being raised at town meetings. In Ocean City, NJ, dubbed “America’s Greatest Family Resort”, Michael DeVlieger, who is the councilman for Ocean City’s first ward, touched on the subject in a recent meeting. He got an email from a resident that seemingly wanted thongs gone from the beach.

His response? “I had someone very sincerely write me an email regarding thongs on the beach. The individual is offended by thongs on the beach and was asking that we create some sort of legislation to make it more modest. I wrestle with the thought of that. I mean, you know, it’s America, right?”

He ultimately decided that it’s likely not going to change, saying, "We are a traditional town. It's one of those things where I get what she was saying, but ultimately people should have the right to choose their fashion."