Usher is told to release his medical records.

This has been one hell of a year for Usher.  He has been accused of giving 3 people herpes including a man.  Reports about Usher being gay have been around for years.  Rumors were him and P Diddy had a thing.  No one really believes it though.  Wether or not he has herpes no one knows except Usher. Well if that courts have their way we will ALL know if Mr. Raymond has herpes.  It take a lot to get someone's medical records but in this case who knows.  Usher is told by court to release his medical records.  Usher has been on top of the music scene for years. The video below has over 100 million views.  Usher has one fo the biggest fanbases in the game.  We will see if his fans stand by their guy or if they leave him after the case is over and the truth is finally out.