Gary Barbera & PA State Rep Jared Solomon Join Forces To Keep The Blvd Safe

Gary Barbera and PA State Rep Jared Solmon sat with Lorraine Ballard Morrill to speak about their new initiative to keep the Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia safe. 

Barbera & Solmon outlined the details on Barbera's website:

"A “Don’t Text and Drive” public service awareness campaign has launched on in a continued effort to begin the transformation of Roosevelt Boulevard. For residents, visitors, employees, and commuters, including those who walk, wheel, transit, bicycle, and drive Roosevelt Boulevard (RT. 1 / Philadelphia PA) a series of improvements to create a more inviting corridor that is safe, accessible, and reliable is long overdue according to State Representative Jared Solomon (D-PA).

To raise awareness Solomon joined forces with charitable minded Philly car guy, Gary Barbera. Both Barbera and Solomon support Vison Zero, which is a strategy that Philadelphia has taken on to end texting and driving. This is a plan meant to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and severe injuries, while increasing safety, health and mobility for the people of Philadelphia."

Check out Barbera and Solomon with Lorraine below!

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