These Ultimatums Can Improve Your Relationship!

According to one relationship expert some ultimatums can actually improve your relationship.  Here are some ultimatums that are ok!

1. “I need time to get ready” - If you need some time to get ready, it's ok!  Be direct and let your partner know what you need so you’re on the same page.

2. “I will choose to do something else if you stay on your phone” - If your partner is always on their phone and you’re over it, tell them.  

3. “That makes me uncomfortable, please don’t say that again” - Set boundaries on what's acceptable.  

4. “When you message your ex, it makes me feel hurt” - No brainer here.  That can hurt anyone.  Let your feelings known in a non contentious manner.  

5. “We don’t always need to watch TV together if we want to watch different things” - An ultimatum can be as simple as coming to a compromise on what to watch and taking turns. 

6. “Either we’re exclusive, or I have to think about if I want to continue this” - This is about defining the level of commitment you’re both willing to make. 

7. “We need to be able to save money” - Be upfront about financial expectations and the ground rules that work for both of you, especially if you share a bank account.

Here the full article HERE!  

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