Nicki Minaj blames Travis Scott, Drake and others for low sales.

So Nicki Minaj dropped her "Queen" album and hit 190K it's first week but according to Nicki it was a loss because of people in the industry "cheating to get numbers up".  She went at Travis Scott for giving fans a CD when they purchased a Tee Shirt or some clothing off of his website which counted as album sales.  She says that's kind of cheating but she did the exact same thing?  Ok not going to get into an back and forth with Nicki.  Nicki claims that Spotify "punished her" by not showcasing the album or something like that.  She even kind of went at Travis And Kyle's new baby saying she used the child to get people to go out and buy Travis's album.  Needless to say Travis fans were not hearing it and even label mate Lil Purp even went on social media to tell Nicki that she was "wacked for that" but was sure to say he liked her and "fed with her music".  How do you feel about Nicki bringing the baby into this debate?   Nicki Minaj goes at Travis Scott, Drake and just about everybody else.