Oh oh. Nicki Minaj & Future canceling shows.

According to reports from many insiders NickiHedrix Tour is starting cancel shows.   Some news reporting outlets are saying that an "inside source" from Live Nation said LN is starting to cancel shows because of low ticket sales.  Nicki went to her Twitter to let he fans know the show is going on. Nicki said it's because the album was delayed and she wouldn't have time to rehearse.  She apologized to her fans and said she will be starting the tour across seas then to America.  Reports have been saying it's because of low ticket sales.  In fact there is suppose to be an article on Page 6 stating that an insider from Live Nation has said it's low ticket sales.  Personally I believe Nicki.  I think there my be some bogus reports about tickets sales but hey according to the story she only sold 5,050 tickets in her own home town.  In many of the bigger venues they are saying ticket sales are extremely slow in some cases only at 1000 tickets sold.