Breaking! Cardi B beats boyfriend Offset's side chick.

YOOOooooo!  This is crazy!  Reports are coming in that Cardi B an some of her girls or crew jumped this stripper who is rumored to be her man Offset's side chick.  Now you know Cardi has said many times that sex isn't that big of a deal men are going to get their.....or something like that.  So what if Offset got a side chick.  Cardi B doesn't leave no problem she beats her down and claims her man.  I guess that's how it goes.  But let's look at it from the girl perspective who got beat up.  If this is true I'm sure lawsuits will come flying and news stories galore and maybe even some organizations against violence might chime in who knows.  Cardi should "be careful" because if there is one thing we all know they build you up to break you down.