Wu Tang's Wu Wear is back!

If one thing reminds you of the 90's it Wu Tangs Clans clothing line "Wu Wear". Wu Wear is back!  Two Hip Hop groups are often given credit for incorporating their name with a clothing line some say which started the whole clothing rapper boom.  RUN DMC and Wu Tang Clan.  RUN DMC teamed up with ADIDAS where Wu started their own clothing company which has been revived.  Live Nation teamed up with Wu to bring back Wu clothing and you can purchase it on line.   I can tell you many stories about going to the Wu Store in NY and meeting Raekwon and Method Man.  Copped a Wu hoody.  It was a great time and one thing they said was that there is always one of the Wu members at the store.  That day Raekwon was there and he was the coolest dude ever.  The first video is now textbook clothing line promotion LOL!  Shout out to the WU CLAN WORLDWIDE MASSIVE!