Cardi B still winning. Tom Ford Lipstick sells out in 24 hours!

Cardi B's new lipstick sells out in 24 hours.  Is that a record or something?  That is incredible!  Now the funny thing is this all took place after the whole Nicki scuffle.  I mean Cardi went at Nicki like for real.  She even threw a show at the "Queen".  Well that whole mess did not stop Carid B's lipstick from selling out in 24 hours.  Tom Ford posted her lipstick on thei IG page and TF reported that they were sold out in less then 24 hours and Cardi following suit by simple posting "Sorry" on her IG page.  If you are wondering if this makes a difference the answer is yes.  Many bloggers, reporters etc. were all saying that this would hurt Carid's brand and that her attacking Nicki would make people not want her around the big red carpet events.  I think it's safe to say her fans could care less.  They scooped up her lipstick so fast Tom Ford had to apologize for running out.  If this is any indication of Cardi B's fan power I don't know what is.  Tell you what Cardi has a history of throwing shoes like this the video below from Love and Hip Hop.