Drake will bring Kanye out at his concert & squash beef.

Is the beef over?   Drake invites Kanye to his concert.  Some say it's because Drake was about to drop a dis record on Kanye and if you were to believe J Prince it would end Kanye's career and disrupt his family.  In my opinion many fans believe this is where the rumors about Drake and Kim K hooking up really started to gain momentum.  A few days ago rumors started going around again about Kim K and Drake hooking up and people were dissecting Drake's songs for clues.  Either it's a coincidence or there is some truth to his lyrics because Drake rapps about sneaking "around the corner" to be with someone and it's now well know that Kanye and Kim actually lived in the same neighborhood as Drake literally around the corner.  Was that Drake's clue or was it a warning?  I will say this props to Kanye for making his apology public.  Too many times people will do something to you in public, most of the time it's on social media then want to apologize in person.  So the damage they put out there is still out there because no one knows you fessed up to being wrong but won't go public with your apology because you they will look stupid.  Stay woke!  LOL!