Weekend Numbers: Eminem #1 on Albums Chart, 'The Nun' #1 At Box Office

The numbers don't lie: Eminem ruled the Billboard 200 albums chart, and 'The Nun' exploded at the box office this weekend. Here's the details:

ALBUMS: Eminem's surprise 'Kamikaze' release blew up at the top spot this week, scoring his 9th #1 album with 434,000 album equivalent units (actual albums bought + streaming), while 252,000 of that figure was actually bought albums. This blows the debut of 'Revival' out of the water, which started with 267,000 album equivalent units, and 197,000 actual albums bought. 

BOX OFFICE: 'The Nun' scared people TO theaters this weekend, scoring a 'Conjuring' universe high of $53.5 million. That blows away every other opening weekend in the franchise, including "The Conjuring" ($41.9 million), "The Conjuring 2" ($40.4 million), ""Annabelle" ($37.1 million), and "Annabelle: Creaton" ($35.0 million). Critics weren't as nice to this one as the other films (right now at a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes), but it will easily cross $100 million, and that's easily another win for the Conjuring saga.