Mary J. Blige Finally Comments On Those Faith Evans Fight Rumors

So, that rumor about Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans fighting at Diddy's party this past weekend appears to be... just that, a rumor. It took a few days for Mary and Faith to say anything about it, but I guess they figured they shouldn't have to since it allegedly didn't even happy!

Mary was at New York Fashion Week this week, and she told Page Six, "Of course that was made up. I was shooting a movie in Lousiana ... I just got here today."

Faith Evans has yet to formally respond to the rumor herself, but her rep told HollywoodLife that the rumor was completely false, and that "Puffy didn't even have a party."

Even though it appears that this didn't go down, we still have this tweet, which STILL makes us laugh!

Mary posted a picture of her from Fashion Week, as you can see below:

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