Wendy's Is Giving Out FREE Cheeseburgers This Month!

This is some next level stuff right here! In honor of National Cheeseburger Day being this month (on September 18th), Wendy's is giving us the opportunity to get a FREE cheeseburger... every. single. day.


Yes! And it's super easy too -- all you have to do is download their mobile app, and each day this month, when you purchase any other item on their menu, you get a free cheeseburger with it!Now, sure, you have to buy something to get it, but hey, buy like a 4-piece chicken nuggets for like $1 (or however much it costs these days...) and you get a free cheeseburger with it!

Not to mention, most places (like Chick Fil A) that are doing a similar promotion this month, are only giving you one free item for the entire MONTH. Wendy's is upping the game and you can do this EVERY SINGLE DAY until September 30th! 

BRB... headed to Wendy's right now. LOL.

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