The greatest rappers say Eminem is the greatest to do it.

I think Big Sean said it best.  Something like "As far as statistically Eminem is the best to ever do it from a cultural stand point he's right u there with Big, Pac, Jay, Nas and there's Em".  All this talk about Em and the MGK beef had me wondering why IS Em so feared in the game.  I know he's an amazing MC.  I know he puts up numbers.  Last I checked the Marshal Mathers LP was at 23 million copies sold and counting.   Eminem's beef with Machine Gun Kelly made headlines for the last few days.  Eminem returns with a scathing diss track called "Killshot".  Just about every person that has really listened to "Kill Shot" realize it is a masterful play on words and in fact if they all are saying MGK should just take the L the extra promo and keep it moving.  MGK is set to release a new LP and rumor has it he's prepared a new diss record for Em.  Guess MGK isn't going out without a word fight.