The Number 1 DJ in the world.

You may or may not have heard of him.  DJ Tiesto.   He is considered the God Father of EDM or Electric Dance Music and he is on top.  I first heard Tiesto watching a video on line of him spinning at IBEZA.  Which many would say is ground zero for the huge EDM festivals we see today with 150 thousand people.  It's amazing to see.  There are DJs out there saying how does this genre attract so many people and what connection do they have with the DJ that they are die hard loyal fans paying upwards of $1000 a ticket to see Tiesto spin?  Man I have no idea.  All I can tell you is if you sw any of these festivals you will see literally hundreds of thousands of people all together rocking with this one DJ at the helm.  Wether it's Tiesto, Arman, or Avicci who recently passed away.  These DJs were considered not only huge crowd drawing DJs but some of the early pioneers of the genre.  Tiesto is 49 years old and it considered the God Father of this genre.  He may argue about that himself but he knows they call him that and he doesn't debate the fact at all. He has a residency in Las Vegas and trust me he is making so much money he has been listed on Forbes biggest money earners making a whopping 49 million last year alone.