Kanye West tells Drake he needs to deny sleeping with Kim K.

Not sure how to take this.  Can't Kanye just call Drake?  Why the video for the public to see.  Asking Drake to make a public statement that he did not sleep with Kim.  As a man I would have called him or seen him personally.  I don't care what you may think but most men will keep it real with you and tell you yes or no.  It's almost like bro code...LOL!  Relax i said most men.  Anyway.  Back to Kanye.  The way Kanye dropped this video he looks confused a bit.  What I mean is I don't think he even knows the truth. Did he ask Kim?  Did she say no and he needs more closure from Drake?  I still don't know why he didn't just call him or is this the way for these celebrities to get free promo these days?  This is kind of crazy.  But then again we are talking the unpredictable Mr. Kanye West.