Gucci Swimsuit You CAN'T Wear In The Pool!

Now I don't have a bathing suit currently at least that I like, but then I saw this new Gucci one and I loved it!  It hard to find a cute one piece.  Gucci has made the cutest one piece swimsuit, however you CAN"T wear it in the pool!  What's the point them??  

The fashion brand’s new all-in-one suit is white with Gucci’s iconic logo and sells for $380. And I think it's soooo nice BUT Gucci says, " Due to the nature of this particular fabric, this swimsuit should not come into contact with chlorine.”

One UK store suggests buyers “wear it with skirts, denim and anything high-rise,” and while that may sound ridiculous, apparently a lot of folks are okay with that, since the swimsuit is already sold out!!

Here's the Story!

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