Here Are Some Of The Best Social Media Reactions to Gritty

The new Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty, made his abrupt debut yesterday and social media reactions to his premiere were SWIFT... and hilarious. Reading the comments on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more were PRICELESS!

Some of the texts we got this morning on the morning show were also hilarious:

From the 609: "Flyer's Fans have no problem throwing hotdogs, beer cans, and whatever else they have in their hand at players they don't like on the ice. Good luck Gritty!"

From the 267: "22 years ago animal from the Muppets babies got drunk and impregnated Grimace from McDonald's"

From the 267: "That's the side of the muppets that you DONT see lol"

Check out some other funny ones below!

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