Bill Cosby spends first night in jail.

Bill Cosby's first night in jail.  At 81 years old Bill may very well be spending what may be his last days in jail.  Found guilty of rape and sentenced to 3 to 10 years behind bars.  I can't imagine what he must be feeling at this moment.  Bill was loved by so many people as our "TV Dad" or as  "Mr. Huxtable" on "The Cosby's Show".  His stand up comedy is one of legends.  Bill appeared on numerous TV shows and toured and when he started producing television his career really took off.  Bill made hit shows and made a lot of money in the process.  "The Cosby's" made him a household name and opened doors for other opportunities and let't not forget the "Pudding commercials".  Bill was the face of Jello Pudding and his commercials often featured kids making jokes and weird faces.  People loved Bill for his outspokenness on everything from marriage to education to the African American community as a whole.  His opinion on many issues mattered to people.