The Game's "Marijuana business" is expanding.

The Game is in the legal marijuana business and it's paying off.  Weed is legal in California.  The Game is already in the weed business but linking up with a major supplier is a big move.   What amazes me is maybe 5 or 10 years ago he might have been looking at about 20 years in prison for sale and distribution.  the weed business is booming and could be the latest boom in the economy.  We already know what it's doing for states like California and Colorado.  The extra tax money coming in from just the sale of marijuana alone is in the millions of dollars.  Last time I checked Colorado one year actually had a tax surplus they were not expecting.  Not sure how this will play out but there is a push to legalize recreational marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania or "Rainsylvania" if you look at this weather we've had lately.  Well I think the legal "weed wave" is coming and straight for us the question is what will Pennsylvania do with all that extra money from selling weed?  The video below looks like it was made back in 2016.  It's The Game with business partners talking about the weed they are selling legally mind you and the fact that the company had already made a million dollars.  Here's what I think will definitely happen.  Big companies will get involved because who can pass up that kind of money? It will either eat up the competition or just add to the already hundreds of "weed shops" I can already see popping up anywhere they can.