Classic "How High 2" but no Method or Redman.

Listen I know when I posted this you might be mad already. But the truth is Method Man and Red Man as far as I have read will not be in this movie.  Will they make a cameo?  That would probable be a good idea.  So who will be the star this time?  None other then Lil Yachty.  Not only will tugboat bi in the movie he's also credited as a writer.  Yachty has become a real business man.  Getting endorsement deals from a number of big time companies like Target have made Yachty more of a household name of late.  He's been on numerous shows and radio talk shows and seems to have weathered the heat so to speak.  Let's see where he decides to go next.  If this is a hit movies would be probably on his agenda.  You going to go see it?