Birdman, Young Thug investigated for hit on Lil Wayne.

Birdman and Young Thug are bing investigated for hit on Lil Wayne.  It almost sounds too crazy to be believe.  It's being reported that Birdman owner of Cash Money records that has helped launch the careers of Drake, Nicki and who was once very close to "son" Lil Wayne is being investigated for putting a hit out on Lil Wayne.  If you remember some time ago someone fired a hail of bullets at Lil Wayne's tour bus almost killing the bus driver in the process.  Jimmy Winfrey, who was Young Thug's road manager is serving a a 20-year-sentence for that incident.  Word is Young Thug and Birdman are both being investigated for putting what authorities are saying "was a hit" out on Lil Wayne.  Could it all just be rumors or is there truth to this accusation?   We will find out in the next few days or weeks. To be honest I sure hope that's all rumor.  Sounds like something you'd see in some movie but then again we are talking about the music business.