Philly's Outfest 2018 is this weekend.

Philly Out Fest is not a day of picnicking......well actually you could have a picnic I guess.  It's a day of celebrating the LGBT community.  Coming out.  This means for the first time you let everyone know you are Gay.  Now I'm not Gay so if I get anything wrong here don't send me mean emails cussing me out LOL!  Seriously though I have friends that have kept that secret for so long and once they're out they feel free to be themselves.  I never really thought about it until they explained what it's like to have to be "in the closet" for one reason or another.  Afraid of what their family might think or they come from a strict religious family etc. etc.  There are all kinds of reasons why they keep it a secret.  I thought about that one day and thought how emotionally exhausting that must have been.  Think about it.  You can't tell your parents or family you're Gay so you hide it.  Never being able to be who you really are.  I have a friend who was married with 2 children.  I have known her for over 20 years.  She came out about 2 years ago.  I was totally surprised because she never gave me any indication that she was Gay.  Then I thought....."I'm sorry you had to hide that for so long."  She told me that she didn't know how I would react.  I gave her the biggest hug and told her I love her no matter what.  She smiled and we started talking about music and things we always talk about.  She has a beautiful girlfriend and they are both very happy.  They live right here in Philly.  I'm sure they will be there.  I fond this cool video of a tour of Philly's "Gayborhood" where the event will be held for the 28th straight year.