T.I. agrees with Kanye's "abolish the 13th amendment".

T.I. aka "King of The South" chimed in on Kanye's latest statements (some say publicity stunt) about abolishing the 13th amendment.  Kanye later retweeted "amend the 13th amendment".  T.I. actually agrees with that part of Kanye's rant/ . T.I. claims it says your free "unless in prison".  T.I. sayd that part should be amended I guess.  He said he doesn't agree wth most of the things that Ye says but that one he does.  Kanye's latest rant on SNL was all over the media but some are saying it's just a publicity stunt to sell records, sell clothes, sell TV shows etc. Not sure if someone would actually chance loosing so much over a stunt but this is show business.