3 new Tu Pac albums on the way.

New Tu Pac music on the way.  It's being reported that the lawsuit between Tu Pac's estate and Death Row Records has been resolved and that means new Tu Pac music.  3 albums are said to being released in the near future.  Tu Pac was gunned down at the prime of his life ad career.  There have been rumors about who, what and why but the investigation continues.  Rumors resurfaced of Diddy's involvement in Tu Pac's death especially after Eminem dropped the now infamous MGK diss "Killshot" where he proclaims ...."when Diddy admits he got Tu Pac killed".....or something to that effect.  Tu Pac would record music all day.  They said he was a "relentless worker".  That means that there is a huge body of work Tu Pac was working on and some may be of poor quality but as long as it's a Tu Pac song his fans will probably never care.  I just hope they do him justice.