Tekashi 69 may be going to jail for up to 3 years.

One things is for sure things are getting serious for Tekashi 69.  Hit this link for full story.  T69 is on the Assistant DA's radar and she's gunning for him.  She calims he's nothing but a thug gang member and he needs to be arrested and taken off the streets.  It's being reported that 69 broke his parole and is looking at 1 to 3 years in jail if she an help it.  69 has been in trouble even though he was given a pass so to speak and took a plea for a lesser charge in the rape case he continued to get in trouble while on the road.  Assaulting a police officer, assaulting a fan at a mall and most recently the FBI raided his NY home and found a gun.  Tekashi has not been charged for anything at this time.