Passenger Shamed After Kid Uses Potty In Aisle!

An Instagram account known as PassengerShaming posted a photo of a woman in the middle of a flight letting her kid use a potty in the aisle! They claim that the woman was defiant when the flight crew told her to use the unoccupied bathroom instead, replying, “I don’t give a sh**.” 

Apparently, the woman brought her own potty seat on board the plain and set it in the aisle for the child to use mid-flight in front of the other passengers.  

No surprise here, Instagram users in the comments went nuts with comments some supporting her others calling her to be banned from public transportation.   

Here are some of the comments: 

  • One user suggests thinks the incident is totally ban-worthy. “That’s just gross and disgusting,” they wrote. “Too bad they couldn’t kick the mom off. I hope she’s banned from all modes of public transportation forever.”
  • Another user questioned the “cleanliness” of the clean-up job. “Here’s a lovely thought, she would have to rinse the potty in the lavatory sink. Where other passengers wash their hands.”
  • This user thinks that people need to remember that being a mom is a hard job. “Are you all out of [your] mind? This is a little kid they probably needed to pee… You go mom!!!” 
  • Another user didn’t think there was anything that strange going on. “I’ve seen people do this is in the middle of the mall,” they wrote. “It’s quite shocking but perhaps cultural.

What do you think??

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