Megan McCain returns to The View and it gets emotional.

I have to be honest I do not watch The View every day.  I kind of catch it when I can.  Maybe because it's on during the day and I'm at work and there is no other way to watch it but in the main studio or lunch kitchen and I need my phone so if I catch anything on TV it's between 2pm and 7pm while I'm on air so it's usually Steve, Ellen or news.  I'm a big news buff.  Anyway I was blogging and saw this video of Meghan McCain daughter of Senator JohnMcCain who recently passed away.  If I could describe this particular episode of The View I would have to say the most touching I have seen.  What Meghan said about her father you knew was real.  I lost my Mother and when you lose a parent you find emotions you never knew existed.  For me there will always be a feeling of loss, of not being whole. When a parent leaves it's as if they take a part of you with them and you could truly feel that in Meghan's talk.  I also saw a different side of these women for example Meghan thanked Whoopi and talked about how Whoopi let her cry in her office many times and that her father loved Whoopi.  Whoopi shed a tear and I don't think I ever saw that on The View!  I could be wrong.  This episode showed the real human side of these women.  She did a make a point that they may disagree politically but do have genuine love for one another.  I think Meghan is going to run for office one day and one day soon.