These Are Non Sexual Things Guys Love In Women!

Lades, every wonder what men find to be a turn on?  But things that are non sexual. did a thread asking guys what nonsexual things are turn-ons for them. 

Here are some of their answers: 

  • “Women who have reminders written on the backs of their hands” 
  • “Looking at my girlfriend when she’s not paying attention to me” 
  • “Ankle socks”
  • When women “yawn or stretch” 
  • The way you “say their name”
  • “Women who are smarter” than they are 
  • “Stretch marks”
  • “Tall women” 
  • "Girls who are attracted to them and like them" Should given a given, but I guess it's not :) 
  • “Girls in baseball caps” 

Anything you want to add! Read the FULL LIST HERE!

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