Drake finally tells us why he didn't respond to Pusha T's "Adidon".

 More on this story by clicking this link but it's what everyone will be talking about tomorrow and Monday and maybe even Tuesday.  Drake in a radio interview with LeBron James said he didn't go after Pusha T even though he had a dis track ready.  Drake claims he had something so devastating that it would have been incredibly ugly and would have damaged both Pusha and Kanye.  Maybe this is the rumor about Drake sleeping with Kim, Kanye's wife.  Could Drake be referencing that rumor?  He said he did not respond because he felt it was just helping Pusha's career in the end and he saw they were just using him for a come up.  He said it was Kanye who was his Judas.  Kanye he says betrayed him and gave Pusha all the info about his secret son.  Drake has a response ready but maybe J Prince was being honest when he said that it was him who told Drake not to release that diss record because it could "destroy lives".  Makes you wonder if that record was destroyed or is it in a vault somewhere.  Think about it.  That would be like the biggest find in Hip Hop history since we found out Tu Pac was alive and living in Honduras was it?  Anyway.  That would be something.  Drake really doesn't have to do anything at this point.  He is at this very moment the biggest thing in Hip Hop breaking Billboard Records like he's taking jumpers on the court with LeBron and selling out arenas along side Guns and Roses, Jay and Bae and frikin Jon Bon Jovi and sht!  Well actually i lied Jay Z and Bae needed Lincoln Financial Field for their "On The Run Tour II" tour and so did Guns and Roses.  Still Drake selling out Wells Fargo Center in Philly for two nights in a row is no easy task.  Drake is crushing the game right now and to be honest has been for the last what 10 years?  If  you believe J Prince then he really take a loss with the Pusha T diss or did he?  If you ask me it was probably a good move and here's why.  IN the interview Drake said something that made more sense then anything I have heard about this beef between him, Kanye and Pusha and it's this.  Drake said that when he though about it he said he didn't want to be remembered for that.  That is growth, maturity and some might even say compassion for his enemies.  Smart move.  Did Kanye do this to Drake as revenge.  Did Kanye want to try and out Drake out the business for good?  Lastly Drake talks about his son like a new father would showing pictures and bragging about him already playing basketball.  It was a genuine conversation.