More Books As A Kid Makes You Smarter!

According to a new study from the Australian National University and the University of Nevada, having more books around while growing up can improve your brain function and your education aspirations.  EVEN if you don't read them! What?!?  

The study finds that adults with college degrees who didn't have many books in the house had the same literacy as a person who dropped out of high school in the 9th grade! However, the number of books owned at age 16 had a “direct positive relationship” with literacy, math, and IT skills later in life.

The study also broke down the countries with the most books in their home.  The United States did not do well in this area. 

 Estonians actually came in first, owning an average of 218 books per house. Norway came in second with an average of 212 books per house.

The US came in 11th with an average of 114 books per house.  One in five American households own only 5 books.  

Read the FULL article HERE!

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