Here's What's on Wawa's New Secret Menu for Halloween

One of the best new parts of Wawa has been the new secret menu, and they’re ramping it up even more for Halloween! You may remember they did some cool things like milkshakes, rainbow bagels, and special iced teas — but these new items sound like they could even top it.

Thanks to PhillyVoice, here is some inside scoop on the new secret menu drinks:

Graveyard Smash: A chilling combination of crushed cookies and chocolate sauce blended into a creamy vanilla base topped with whipped cream, cookie pieces and gummy worms.

Fang-o Mango:  A mango smoothie with a chocolate drizzle topped with a scary pool of strawberry and whipped cream. 

Franken-Mint Macchiato:  A haunting blend of milk and mint syrup layered with espresso and topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cookie pieces.

These sound incredible! There is also no cut-off date as of right now, so we're thinking they'll be around until the new Thanksgiving secret menu items.

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