Canelo signs biggest fight contract in history. $365 Million.

Canelo signs biggest deal ever for a fight.  It's a 5 year deal worth $365 million dollars.  11 fights. Looks like Oscar De La Hoya brokered the deal.  He told the press that "Canelo is now the highest paid athlete in the world".   He did loose a fight.  Mayweather was his biggest loss.  But they are saying in the report that he has gotten much better.  From a fight fan's perspective it makes me wonder what they will do if he loses a fight?  What happens to his contract?  I'm not educated enough on fighting contracts and deal of this magnitude lol.  Like $365 million?!  That's a lot of bread!  But it goes to show you how much money these fights really make.  If Canelo is getting $365M what is the fight making overall?  Has to worth billions.  Canelo's first fight under his history making deal will be with Rocky Fielding December 15 at Madison Square Garden.  The video below is a quick clip of Canelo knocking out Amir Khan.  He caught him with a straight hit to the jaw and that was all she wrote.