Jay Z appears to have some words for Offset of Migos backstage.

People were trying to brush it off and saying they are smiling.  But if you look close you can see Jay definitely saying something like "you got a problem with her, you got a problem with me"....there is definitely "problem" in there at least twice.  People are speculating that it has something to with a song Offset was going to release called "My Beyonce" as a tribute to his wife Cardi B, you might have heard of her.  If you did not know "Beyonce" is a brand name and using it without consent could be an issue....a big one.  They said Jay Z straight stepped to dude and said something about it.  People were saying that it's all being exaggerated that they were smiling at each other and shaking hands.  Man look.  Jay Z is not 25 he is older, wiser, and knows better.  He's giving that young boy the smile like "I'll kick ya ass".  Everybody from my neighborhood knows what that smile means.  That's that "I heard you was talking now what you got to say" kind of smile.  BUT hopefully it is just all smiles and hand shakes because Jay Z got 99 Problems but a B ain't one.  LOL!