Mayweather says he will fight Khabib Nurmaagomedov for 200 Milly.

So Mayweather was called out by another MMA fighter.  Khabib as he is known and his last name seems hard to say let alone wrtie but I will give it . a try.  Nurmagomedov.  Mayweather said he's ready to fight.  He believes it could bering him a 200 million dollar pay day.  We all know the last fight with an MMA fighter got him upwards of 100 million.  He said this one would double that and hit more like 110 to 200.  90 million is a big spread LOL!  Either way I know Khabib is not going to be a walk in the park like maybe McGregor was.  This guy maybe able to beat Mayweather.  Mayweather was asked what he meant by Khabib having to be professional and does his behavior in the McGregor fight concern him.  Mayweather just said that Khabib has to conduct himself as a professional.  Khabib jumped the Octagon to get at someone in McGregor's camp.  Although some people think this might be cool it's not.  People sitting in those seats close to this melee could have been severely injured.  There may be law suits we don't even know about.