The Electric Factory has a new name.

They announced on their Twitter page that the Electric Factory has a new name.  And some lucky people are getting two years worth of free tickets for submitting the name.  The new name is Franklin Music Hall.  My question is why not keep it The Electric Factory and renovated it to state of the art or something or am'I way out of line?  LOL!  It just seems as thought that name is so iconic in Philadelphia you would think they would keep the name and even spruce up the logo a bit.  Maybe they felt like it was time to change the image of the place.  Electric Factory has had some of the biggest names in music play there.  But you could always find up and coming local bands as well.  Wonder if "The Franklin Hall" will stay true to the Factory's commitment to local music.  Found this gem of 50 Cent performing at the Electric Factory.  Video says 2015.