Do You Have These 7 Friends To Be Happy?!

According to career and life strategist Bella Zanesco, you only need these 7 friends to be happy.  7!?!?  I think your luck if you have 4 but here is the list! Which one of these friends are you?

  1. The Catalyst - The one who inspires you and pushes you outside your comfort zone to ask for that raise or flirt with your crush.
  2. The Player - This is the friend you want around when you’re ready for cocktails and catching up.
  3. The Nurturer - When you’re upset and need a shoulder to cry on, this caring BFF is the one who’s there for you.
  4. The Inspirer - After hanging out with this bestie, you’re full of new thoughts and ideas. 
  5. The Challenger - This friend helps you figure out what you believe and why by testing your opinions, sometimes frustrating you, but in a good way.
  6. The Lover - Everyone needs a BFF who just loves you unconditionally.
  7. The Maker - This person can be your partner, but if you don’t have one in your life, no worries because apparently, you can be your own maker, too.

I actually think I'm the Challenger in my friend group! :)

Read the full article HERE!

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