Meek Mill could be signing a deal with Drake's OVO label.

Meek could be signing with Drake's OVO label.  Man you want to talk about the rumor mill a buzz with activity?  When this news hit it was like "STOP THE PRESSES!".  We all know about the beef these two had but we also know they recently squashed their beef.  Drake brought Meek out at a concert or two to seal the deal and let everyone know these two are back on good terms and hopefully will start making music.  On a side note.  Could you imagine what their managers and their team are thinking?  How incredibly huge this could be?!  They probably looked at each other and said "Man this is going to be history!"  I think it's a great move o Meek's part but also on Drake's.  Meek is a beast when it comes to rapp and we all know that.  I think we all know that Meek gave Drake a pass sort of.  We all know Meek could have crushed Drake lyrically but if you heard Meek's interviews he said he wasn't the same Meek.  Drugs, fame, personal issues all had a part in his lack of response.  But that's old news.  It's about to be a new year and it's the year of "No beef".  Well a man can hope right?