This is getting out of hand. Cardi B's sister goes at Rah Ali.

Rah Ali is an associate of Nicki Minaj.  I heard some say she's her security at times.  According to Cardi B's sister Hennessy (no that is not a typo) she has been getting death threats and even her niece Kulture has been threatened.  She released some of the actual texts she got from crazy Barbs saying they were going to run Kulture over and kill her.  It got real crazy.  Henny (if I may) said this is the reason for her going off on Rah Ali and wanting to physically assault her.  You know that's assault right?  If I'm not mistaken that is also making "terroristic threats" all which are illegal.....just saying...smh.  I mean I'm not a Lawyer but I would think if something does happen I'm sure you would be a suspect. Moving on.  So Henny said that she will see her and basically said that Rah Ali has a but whoopin' coming.  You know the more I read and find out the more it sounds like two High School girls fighting over something stupid that us teens argue about when we so immature that we don't know any better.  (I have 3 sisters...growing up seeing them argue is what it sounds like.) . The threats against the baby tho......that is not cool at all and should be looked into.  I found a video of her and her sister on TRL and you get a good idea of how close they are.