Kanye claims he was being used and has changed his mind.

Ok so Kanye has changed his mind....again.  This time he says he feels like he was used to spread a message he really doesn't believe in.  Kanye's new stance can be read here.  Kanye's new opinions can be read by hitting this link. I noticed from what I've read so far he hasn't named any particular person or politician but one would think he's referring to his close friend President Trump especially when you read his Tweets.  Tweets in support of everything from people seeking asylum in the U.S. to the boys in blue.  This is a very different stance then what Ye was saying not even a month ago.  He was in the oval office ranting about everything from Levi's to iphones and going on Saturday Night Live and ranting about this and that I mean Kanye was all over the place man!  So now he says he feels used?  Well some agree with Ye but some say it's damage control at it's best some even say Kanye is "gas lighting" everyone..LOL!  Man who knows!  One person tweeted that Kanye is in damge control mode because if you did not know his latest Yeezy sneaker the Yeezy Boost 350 did not sell like hotcakes.  Just to give you an idea of the difference in demand for the Yeezy 350.  Every Yeezy release up to that point would sell out in mere seconds!  You couldn't find a pair unless you were willing to pay a huge mark up on sneaker sites or you knew someone who could get you a pair on the low.  The Yeezy Boost 350?  Although it sold out on the ADIDAS site they were easily available in stores and sneaker sites.  This link will give you more details on the Yeezy Boost 350 sales numbers.